Building Community

Lighthouse Ministry, Inc. in Salem, NJ, is a wonderful program that focuses on building community in a variety of ways. Each summer, teens complete internships serving younger students attending a variety of camps. And then there’s Project Restore where the adults get involved. They come together to work on projects rebuilding and repairing homes in Salem.

Team-Building with T-shirts

One way to create unity with your group is to design and print t-shirts for the team to wear. These shirts not only identify group members but also promote the organization to everyone who sees the shirts. Domenic purposely designed the logo illustrate the purpose of Project Restore without words. Then group organizers Beth and Chanda choose fantastic color combinations for the shirts and the imprint colors.

The Shirt Matters

One other thing that Beth and Chanda do really well is choose a comfortable shirt that people actually want to wear. If the point is for your branding to be seen, there’s not much point in going cheap on the shirt and choosing something no one really wants. But when our clients choose wisely and pick shirts that are comfy to wear, then the extra cost is an investment in promoting the brand.

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Building Community


Building Community  • D and S Designs

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