Candy Land T-Shirts

Camp Edge, run by Ranch Hope, does a great job serving kids in need, but they need funds to do so. Each fall, they hold a fun event called the Muddy Bottom Run 5K, and every year has a different theme. For 2019, Domenic, our in-house artist, designed these Candy Land t-shirts which we then printed just in time for the event.

I say “just in time” because we have a method we use with event planners to ensure they get their shirts within a few days of their event and enable them to get only the number of shirts they need without having to guess and come up short or go way over.

It’s simple, really. We work together with the event organizers to set up all the art in the weeks leading up to the event. We book press time, reserving a day and time to print the shirts the week of the event. Then we allow our clients to give us their shirt count five days before the actual event, allowing them to maximize registration time and minimize over-ordering, thus saving the organization precious fundraising dollars.

Would you like to partner with a professional who has YOUR best interest at heart?

Contact Sandee HERE and let us show you how we can support your fundraising efforts by cutting costs but not quality.


Candy Land Shirts  • D and S Designs

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