Change a Child’s Story

A big reason to order printed t-shirts for your organization is so to show how you have a positive impact for good, just like CASA of Camden County does when they “Change a Child’s Story.” They stand with and for children to give them a voice. These t-shirts were for attendees at an annual fundraiser, a Night of Reggae.


Our nonprofits cannot run without a budget, so fundraisers are a necessity. When they give out event t-shirts, we always love to print sponsor names on the backs as a way to recognize their commitment to give back to their communities. And while it takes more time to set up the back art, we, as you can see, prefer to put sponsors logos on instead of just a list of names. Why? Because we want to help support those businesses, and using their logos further builds their brand recognition for everyone who sees the t-shirts.

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Change a Child's Story


Change a Child’s Story  •  D and S Designs

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