City Lights Shirts

Brand awareness can come in a variety of shapes and sizes like it did this year for the City Lights shirts. This ministry has done just plain t-shirts for many years, but this year the team asked about other options. We showed them long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies in the dark gray color they wanted and they loved them! We even found a ladies long sleeve t-shirt with hemmed sleeves instead of cuffs.

Apparel Experts

After printing and embroidering for almost three decades, D and S Designs are your apparel experts. We know where to find what you want to wear. All you have to do is ask. If we don’t have an answer immediately, we will search it out, and find the source for you, even if it comes from retail.

We’ve done that. One client years ago wanted a very specific retail brand name not sold in the industry. I arranged the purchase of goods for her (she was a busy person and was happy to let me be her personal shopper!) and then we embroidered these beautiful winter coats she had chosen. She was thrilled with the outcome!

Wearables Make the Best Brand-Awareness Items

If you choose your wearables wisely (which is what we help you do), and you put your branding on shirts, caps, polos, jackets, and more, your brand will live in front of lots of people for a long time. Printed and embroidered shirts are some of the best and least-expensive advertising dollars you will spend to promote your brand. You can’t just look at the higher upfront cost – you have to think about longevity. Giving out pens (and I’m all for giving out pens and do it myself!) might be a nice thing for your recipients, but will it get you the same return as someone wearing your t-shirt for years? And not as many people see that pen as read your shirt waiting line behind someone. Shirts are fabulous tools for brand-awareness.

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