Class of 2019

D and S Designs celebrates the Greenwich-Stow Creek Partnership Schools Class of 2019 graduates! Sandee attended this country school while growing up. It’s still a great little school. The wonderful teachers are all caring, and it’s a good, safe environment to be in.

D and S Designs loves printing their class shirts each year. We create a unique design for them each year, sometimes with their input (I still remember the year of the turtle!) and sometimes not.

For the back of the shirt, we create their graduation year in outline form and then have them sign a template. We scan that template and use it to set up a one-of-kind t-shirt back that celebrates their achievement. We have a number of schools who like to use this option. They always love their shirts, and they show their school pride while wearing them on their 8th grade trip.

Celebrate the Achievements!

School graduations, family reunions, winning a championship, advancing to a national or world competition, and many more special moments are all great reasons to get commemorative t-shirts like these. I’m sure I’m not the only one with a pile of special t-shirts in my closet that I keep just for the memories!

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Class of 2019

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