Part of the challenge most small businesses face is creating brand awareness. Providing company employee shirts to everyone working for the business is a great way to build the brand faster. Not only do customers see the shirts while your employees are on the job, but when the shirts are worn outside of work hours, a lot of other people see your brand as well.

Frank Burton & Sons

This family-owned and operated business in Bridgeton, NJ, sells kitchen and bathroom supplies. What really sets them apart, though, is their amazing kitchen and bathroom remodels. They are true craftsmen. When they finish a kitchen or bathroom, the new look is worthy of any HGTV home improvement show.

Tom Burton, second-generation co-owner of the business, knows the importance of brand awareness, so D and S Designs has printed company t-shirts (and embroidered their Carhartt jackets) for Frank Burton & Sons for more than 20 years to grow their presence in their marketplace. Doing so has helped them to increase their sales.


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