We printed shirts for the Cumberland Regional High School Music Boosters in time for the band to wear them to a championship competition in Hershey, PA.  And they won!  They offered t-shirts, long sleeve and short sleeve, as well as sweatshirts, both hoodies and crew necks, in CRHS orange and dark brown.  To make it easier for them to get orders from family, friends, teachers, and participants, we created an online store.  The beauty of using online stores means no one  collected order forms or money.  And no one tallied all the shirt orders.  Our online store system did all the work.

Online stores make your life so much easier!  First, we finalize your design and then we put it on all the items you want to sell, virtually.  We load the items into the online store, set an access code so you can “open” and “close” your store, and then you start selling.  Money and orders are collected and tallied by our system.  Once we close the store, we produce your orders, deliver them, and hand you a check (if your store included our Fundraising Option).  Upon delivery, we even provide you with individual packing slips so you know who bought what.  That makes your job of sorting and delivering MUCH easier!

Do you like the idea of using an online store for fundraising for your organization?  Or maybe you want a simple online company store so people can buy branded shirts, caps, jackets and more.  Call us today at 856-451-0954 to discuss how we can set up an online store for you!

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