Helping the Less Fortunate

Fall 2019 we supported the Deerfield Presbyterian missions trip to Kenya with wearables for both the team and the kids in the Comet House orphanage that they went to serve. We actually did two different jobs for them. The first one we embroidered the church’s logo on a variety of wearables. The missions team sold these DPC shirts and jackets to raise money for their trip to Kenya.

The second job was the t-shirts that we printed for the team in red with Kikuyu, Kenya, as well as a variety of long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts for the kids. This particular orphanage is at a higher elevation so it gets cold and they don’t have much warm clothing. The DPC team helped change that by bringing them zip hoodies and other warmer shirts.

Making a difference

Are you doing any projects to make a positive difference in the world like Deerfield Presbyterian Church is? Do you look after the widows and the orphans, as the Bible commands us? We’d love to support you, just like we did Deerfield Presbyterian. Contact Sandee HERE and let’s see what I can do to help you.


Deerfield Presbyterian Missions Trip to Kenya  •  D and S Designs

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