Event hoodies are unexpected. Most people expect to get a t-shirt.  Want more recognition for your event? Print hoodies for your event instead of t-shirts. You can even offer to embroider names on the fronts for winners or key individuals.

Hoodies are for everything

We’re used to thinking of hoodies as a warm garment. Today, hoodies come in a wide range of weights making them perfect for every purpose. Lighter 7-8 oz hoodies are great for more of a fashion look. 8-9 oz hoodies will be warmer and more affordable.  10-12 oz hoodies are best for outdoors because they are heavier and warmer. If you really want warm hoodies, check out cross-grain hoodies like THESE.

Sizes run from toddler to youth to adult. You can also choose from men’s and ladies, including young men’s and juniors.  That’s right, ladies – we do NOT have to wear guys hoodies now!  And colors?  Hoodies now come in not only standard black, gray, red, navy, and royal, but they also come in lots of other colors, including the popular garment washed looks.

There’s a hoodie for everyone

Choose from one of THESE or ask us to help you pick out the perfect one for you. Just contact us HERE.

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