Our Flashback Friday Gas Engine Show T-shirt is a cool one because it celebrates the farming community. The South Jersey Gas Engine Club showcases the antique tractors and farm equipment in South Jersey. They provide antique tractors and equipment for many events around the Delaware Valley all year. Learn more about the “Official South Jersey Gas Engine Club” on their Facebook page here.

Art and design at D and S

While there are a lot of screen printing companies out there, you won’t find a lot with a professional artist on staff with 30+ years of experience designing artwork like you see on this t-shirt. Domenic, our outstanding artist, not only has his BFA in Illustration from one of the top art schools in the country (Philadelphia College of Art, now known as University of the Arts), he has spent over 100 hours on continuing education. He works hard to keep his skills sharp and his designs cutting edge.


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Gas Engine Show Shirts • D and S Designs

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