Parade of Champions

Each year the Bridgeton ExCEL program holds a Parade of Champions. We designed this t-shirt for the 2019 winners. Congratulations to you!

Bridgeton’s ExCEL program is a model program that has been running almost twenty years. Its hallmarks include longer school days and school year, uniforms, and all students playing an instrument. Teachers insist on higher standards at this middle school and the test scores reflect the payoff. I’ve been in the school. Behavior is excellent. Students are serious about their studies. This program is one many schools would do well to copy.

Click HERE to read a detailed article written on the 10th anniversary of the program.

Parade of Champions

Special Events

What special events do you have coming up that you could celebrate by providing shirts or other promos to the winners? Honor Society inductions are a great time to give the awardees a special shirt. We’ve printed those for local high schools.

Or are you a school with Field Day next month? Show off team spirit with lots of bright colored t-shirts competing during field day.

Do you have class trips fast approaching? Make sure your class stands out among the rest with an identifiable t-shirt.


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D and S Designs • Parade of Champions

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