Pelletier Reunion T-shirts

Some jobs are personal. This was one of them. I loved working with my dear “sisters” to create and print their Pelletier Reunion T-shirts. Annette came up with a really great idea for the reunion held in Canada this year (their dad was from Canada and many family members still live there). Take a look at the picture and drop in the comments how you like the idea. I thought it was clever and fun.

Life Can’t be All Work

D and S Designs has been printing t-shirts for almost 30 years. Being self-employed is both a blessing and a big challenge. Work can be consuming and life slips by before you know it. I’m thankful to have good friends like the Pelletiers to share my journey and help keep me grounded, getting in “girl time” with them. They “adopted” me when I was in high school and met Michelle, my lifelong best friend. I became another of the sisters because that’s how they do things. They love all their friends.

This reunion was a little bittersweet as one of my Pelletier sisters unexpectedly lost her husband a few months ago. The reunion, and these shirts as a special reminder of the family time they enjoyed in Canada, in a small way helped to bring some light into a difficult, sad time. Glen will be terribly missed.

Take time for life, for family, for friends. Man knows not his time. Make the most of the time you are given to love others and be there for them. Work will always be there when you’re done.

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