The 2016 Richie Emmons Memorial Striper Tournament was Saturday November 12, 2016 in Fortescue, NJ.  We printed these long sleeve T-shirts which were given to tournament participants as a thank you gift for coming to fish and support the SPC Richard C. Emmons III Memorial Scholarship Fund.  This shirt is an example of one of our favorite things to do – support a good cause.  Richie Emmons gave his life in service to our country.  To honor him, his family started a scholarship fund and their biggest fundraiser is an annual striper tournament on the Delaware Bay.   Locally, Husted’s Landing owner Kenny Hildreth and his wife Jeanne, Richie’s uncle and aunt head up the event.  News of the tournament made the local newspaper.

Event T-shirts

Event T-shirts like the ones for this tournament are a great event promotion tool because they give you so much branding space for your event.  You put a large logo on the front in one or many colors, but the real value is in the back because that’s where you print sponsor logos.  Consequently, this gives your event supporters a lot of PR for their sponsorship dollars.

Are you in charge of a fundraising event?  Maybe you’re running a 5K or a soccer tournament or health fair or some other event.  These are all times you need t-shirts to provide a great way to promote your event sponsors.  Not sure how to do t-shirts?  Our marketing team helps you choose the right shirt. In addition, we help you get your sponsors.  Then our art team lays out the artwork to make your shirts look great.  Call us today at 856-451-0954 for your event shirts.

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