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One of my favorite jobs each year is to work with my old elementary school, Greenwich-Stow Creek Partnership Schools, to create school play t-shirts for their annual spring production. My clients there are so easy to do business with – they simply tell us the name of the play the students are performing, and then let us have free reign to design a t-shirt for them.

This year, we switched things up a little by making the Seussical Jr. design a two-color front imprint (just had to have the red, white, and black!) with no cast list on the back because the kids used markers to sign the backs themselves instead. I like that better. It’s so much more personal for them. They’re going to sign them anyway so leaving the back unprinted gives them the room to put comments and autographs that are so fun to read later.


An important tip to always remember, especially with play t-shirts, is to be sure your design is in compliance with copyright laws. In other words, don’t steal! You should either pay for the rights to use the branded logos for your production, or ask your printer create a similar “feel” to the shirt design by creating original art instead. Many of the schools we print for don’t have the budget for the branded logos so we often create our own designs for the schools.

D and S Designs is not just a printer. Domenic is a full-time professional artist who not only has a BFA in Illustration from the prestigious Philadelphia College of Art (now, University of the Arts), but who has continued to study techniques beyond illustrating by hand (which he also does) to utilize today’s technology. He keeps up with design trends for styles and colors. Domenic can create the exact design you want for your project.

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