South Jersey Robotics Team KBBots, under talented rookie coach, Michele Danley, had a great first season.  The team members created this team t-shirt design and submitted it to our art department for final prep before production.

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) teams and their coaches have an incredible amount of learning to do in their rookie year.  The first thing they realize is that they are going to do more than play with the LEGO Mindstorms robot.  There are more competitive components to an FLL team than that!  Each year, they have a theme, which was Animal Allies for 2016-17.  They have to design a project around that theme which they will creatively present to judges.

Teams also have to learn the Core Values of FIRST Robotics.  They make a poster which they are judged on during competition. In Core Values judging, the team first has to complete a team challenge (usually too hard to finish in time – judges just want to see their teamwork).  Then they present their Core Values poster. Finally, they have to answer questions from their judges.

Their third judging round at competition is robot design.  This is where it gets technical.  These judges evaluate how the team designed their Mindstorm robot and ask them questions about what parts they used and why.  The judges often ask the students how they enjoyed the robot design process and what challenges they faced while programming the missions.

Finally, their little bot has to complete as many missions in the competition arena as it can in the allotted time.  The teams have to learn a basic programming language to accomplish the missions – the biggest hurdle for rookie teams.  Our coaches spend many hours learning this first so they can teach the students.

All of this takes lots of dedication and time which is why we GREATLY appreciate all of South Jersey’s coaches and mentors – thank you so much!


Visit SJ Robotics website if you are interested in coaching or having your child join a robotics team.

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