South Jersey Robotics’ FLL Team Robotecs T-shirts – This rookie FIRST LEGO League team wore these t-shirts that they designed for their January 2017 FLL competition.  And they won!  They advanced to the next level of competition.

This year’s FLL theme was Animal Allies, so the Robotecs studied horseshoe crabs for their team project.  That’s also why they featured one on their team shirt.  And because South Jersey Robotics wants to collaborate as often as we can, we partnered with graphic arts students at CC-TEC to have them create multiple designs for the team to pick from. This t-shirt features the winning design.  It was a win-win because our students got to offer CC-TEC students a real-world experience and the team got to have several aspiring graphic artists bring their concept to life.

We can help YOU design winning t-shirts, too.  Contact us and our art team for t-shirt designs for your team, event, school, or business.

Want to know more about joining a FIRST® Robotics team in the South Jersey?  Click here.

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