Want to target your marketing with the best possible promo solution?


Your Time is Valuable

Why waste your time trying to find the right promo product online?
Wouldn’t it be great if you knew someone with knowledge of products?
You can! Let us help you with the perfect promo solution.


But I can find it online myself

Because we use only the best sources for our promos, we can stand behind all of our products, if there is ever a problem with any of our products, we will take care of correcting the issue, without any hassle to you.

And I can find it “cheaper” online!

The old saying goes…you get what you pay for. Don’t risk getting poor quality imprinting, poor products that break after the first use, or missed deadlines for events.  In the end, is it really cheaper to find it yourself?

Here are some samples of our Promo Products

Notepad and Pen

Notepad and Pen

Notepad and Pen promo can be a nice gift to hand to a customer after having their vehicle serviced.

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Great pens get you remembered

Great pens get you remembered

Great pens get you remembered!
Cheap pens can get you remembered too! But in a very BAD way, especially if it stops working after the second or third use.

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